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VESTOLEN is the brand name introduced into the polymer sector by the former Hüls AG for polyolefins, also known as polyethylene and polypropylene. The name is made up of the medieval territory designation “Vest“ Recklinghausen and “olen“ for polypropylene and polyethylene. Hüls AG inherited the polymer sector from the firms that succeeded I.G. Farbenindustrie AG - Bayer AG, BASF AG and Hoechst AG dye works. They were created from the demerger of I.G. Farben after 1945.

Via the mining company Hibernia AG, which held 25% of the shares in Hüls, the company acquired the highly productive Ziegler patents which made possible non-pressurized, oil-based manufacture of polyethelene. In order to manufacture and market VESTOLEN, Hibernia AG and Hüls AG cooperated since the mid-1950s and finally entered into a joint venture, VESTOLEN GmbH, in 1970.