Making sure that what belongs together, comes together


Creams and lotions, in many shapes and forms, define how we look and feel. Nearly all these care products, whether they are used to smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, or for sun protection, have one thing in common: they are emulsions made from oil- and water-based ingredients. Since oil and water are usually complicated to mix, an emulsifier is required, to ensure that what belongs together comes together – and stays together.

Th. Goldschmidt AG, as it used to be known then, produced the first emulsifier back in 1927. It was called Tegin® and is still on the market today, one of the great-grandmothers, in a manner of speaking, of all emulsifying agents.

It is made of partial esters of higher fatty acids combined with high-quality alcohols, substances derived from ethylene chemistry research at Goldschmidt in Essen initiated by Nobel prizewinner Friedrich Bergius. Today emulsifiers are produced by Evonik Industries under various brand names for a large number of applications. The Essen/Goldschmidtstrasse site is the main production site.