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Brochure ROHACELL®, 1970

In the early 1960s, when the plastics researchers at Röhm & Haas tried to recover monomers by cracking from molding compound waste, they came across methacrylonitrile. They copolymerized this with methacrylic acid to form a polymethacrylimide (PMI) and had it foamed in a heating cabinet to many times its size. The resulting rigid foam was tested for use in sandwich panels. When it proved to be suitable and the manufacturing methods were improved, the first successes were achieved. In 1968, the new product was given the brand name ROHACELL®.

From 1970 onwards, the very finely celled foamed ROHACELL® developed into an absolutely special product due to its unique properties. The CFC-free rigid foam is used in the aerospace industry, but also in ship and rail vehicle construction as a core material in heavy-duty sandwich constructions. In addition, ROHACELL® is used in medical and X-ray technology and in the production of sporting goods as well as in model making. The foam is used on a large scale in vehicle construction in vehicle interior trim. Because of its excellent thermo-mechanical properties, Formula 1 designers also use ROHACELL® as an amplifier filler.