The material that makes concrete flow


For better buildings: MELMENT

The concrete additive MELMENT was developed in Trostberg in 1968, laying the foundations of the Construction Chemicals Business Unit of the later SKW Trostberg AG, a predecessor of Evonik Industries AG. Subsequently SKW rose to become a leading world supplier in this sector. In 2006 this activity was sold to BASF. This company is still producing MELMENT in Trostberg today.

The brand name MELMENT combines the two terms melamine, a component of glues and adhesives, and cement. MELMENT is a water-soluble melamine resin, obtained by polycondensation. It is now also supplied both as a solution and in soluble powder form. MELMENT causes extreme liquefaction of cement- and gypsum-based products, making their further processing both simple and efficient. The addition of MELMENT also reduces the proportion of water in the concrete mixture. It makes the finished concrete more resistant and gives it a longer useful life.

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