Not at home just in space and Formula 1


As a high-strength, CFC-free hard foam, ROHACELL® is not only used in the aerospace industry, but also in shipbuilding and in the construction of rail vehicles. It is ideally suited as a core material for sandwich constructions able to withstand high loads. ROHACELL® is used, for example, in the bearing surfaces of the Airbus A340 and A380 and in manufacturing helicopter rotor blades. It is used in medical and X-ray technology and in manufacturing sporting goods, as well as in model making. On a large scale, ROHACELL® is used for the interior paneling of motor vehicles. On the strength of its outstanding thermo-mechanical properties, it is even used in Formula 1 vehicles.

ROHACELL® emerged from developments in acrylate and methacrylic chemistry, as were practiced at the former Röhm & Haas GmbH in Darmstadt beginning in 1912. Initial precursors were produced in the laboratory in 1962. However, it took another eight years before, in 1970, it could be produced on an industrial scale. In 1972, the foam was awarded its first certification for use in aviation.

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